Jay Pullen, ​CMS, CHt, FIBH

Hypnotherapy is a natural, yet altered state of mind in which the critical faculty is relaxed and selective thinking is established.

​Benefits of Hypnotherapy Include:

*Positive Mental Attitude

*Stress Reduction

*Hypnotic Suggestions 

​*​Identifying Roadblocks

​*​Accelerated Healing

Hypnosis is used to help people create the life they desire, to be who they want to be. .

Testimonials for Jay Pullen

For years I suffered from an extreme allergic reaction to mountian cedar (juniper) trees during the two months every year of peak pollination.  I had tried antihistamines, steroids, nasal sprays, etc.  and nothing gave me the relief I was seeking.  I decided to try a new approach to this problem and, thanks to the help of Jay Pullen, I had the first symptom-free allergy   season  in decades.                                                                                                                                         Glena Poucher,    McGregor, Texas

"Since I experienced these hypnotherapy sessions, I have found that my self image and self confidence have improved considerably and that I have a much more positive outlook on life.  I am much more able to feel on top of the chronic anxiety I have had for many years.  When I notice my breathing, I realize that instead of holding my breath as I so often have done in the past, it is now much deeper and more relaxed."
                                          Pam Harris, Albuquerque, NM

Issue:  Self confidence and lack of motivation.
"I have recently had the opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy sessions with Jay Pullen.  My sessions with Jay have given me the realization of the root or core of my issues.  We not only uncovered the root, we worked together as Jay artfully guided me through the processes necessary to remove, not suppress what was driving my behavior.  Jay not only has excellent Hypnotherapy skills, he has training in other areas of human behavior which gives him the resources and knowledge to understand the bigger picture.
Thank you Jay for your kindness and compassion while assisting me to get back to being the happier confident me."
                                        Todd Kaufman,      Greenwood, South Carolina

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Jay Pullen Bio
​Jay came into hypnotherapy from a formal education in pychology and many years of self-study in spirituality. After being exposed to a broader understanding of what hypnotherapy encompases he decided to go through the training program and set up a practice. Jay finds the appealing part of hypnotherapy to be the inclusion of spirituality, attention to the subconscious, and the work with body/mind connection.

​Through having an education in psychology and extensive study in spirituality, Jay spent many years in the world of construction. Jay states that these years  have had their own importance because it placed him in the business world which is a whole education in inself. It gave him a "real world" experience that is important in working with clients from many different walks of life. However, it also satisfied a creative part, particularly the cabinet and woodwork that was a part of his construction experience. He loved starting out with ideas in his head and moving the ideas forward into a completed project he could look at and experience the satisfaction of creating something of beauty and function.

​Much of his practice in hypnotherapy has been in the area of general hynotherapy, working with issues around stress, anxiety, fear, etc. He has also worked with sleep issues as well as with people wanting to change habits that negatively affect their lives. He is currently moving into incorporating Medical Support into his practice not only because it has the power to help people support their physical wellness, but it is his belief that this work has the power to impact how people look at wellness and understand the emotional element of our physical wellness.. The hope is that those in the hypnotherapy world can eventually impact the Health Care industry with more and more understanding about how to utilize emotional work in the effort to support physical wellness. "We will never know until we move forward with bolder efforts in this area."

​Jay completed his bachlor's degree at the University of New Mexico. Later in life he completed a master's degree in Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix , Albuquerque Camp8us He is married and together with his wife have two daughters and foour grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hiking, fishing and photography. He and his wife also enjoy dancing, which is how they met!

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