Shanti.  Peace. Tranquility.

Shanti Wellness Mission

Our mission is to
 honor every person that passes through our door and to provide the unique
modalities essential for your transformation and physical, emotional and spiritual
evolvement through compassion and authenticity.
Peace and Blessings.

What we offer

Deeply nurturing treatments dedicated to exactly what you need for relaxation as well as stress and tension relief.

Becca Grant
Jovina Herrera
Lila Kingfisher
Nancy Rubendall
Maggie Cordova
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Jay Pullen
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What Customers Say

  1. I had a wonderful hour session with Becca and couldn't have had a better experience. Her knowledge of the body and her ability to listen and intuitively know what my body needed made for a most relaxing and healing session. Book your appointment now! - Bill Brooks
  2. I like the fact that the office is quiet and there are no disturbances. There is an aura of peace in the treatment rooms. I also like the music that is played; it totally relaxes me.
  3. I am asked about troublesome areas with my body before starting session. I appreciate this concern. Becca is very professional and customizes her work to address my needs.
  4. I liked everything about the experience, very professional, vast amount of knowledge about how to treat a injured body that has done construction for 20+ years would recommend to anybody looking for a good knowledgeable professional
  5. Becca is a wizard at working out all my body issues. Had no idea I could feel this good.